Thursday, 5 February 2015

Extramarks Innovative Platform for CBSE Board

Extramarks is one of the leading platforms for online education; Extramarks provides a comprehensive learning module for K-12 education. Extramarks have developed and designed an efficient learning module for CBSE board.

Extramarks also provide end to end solutions for CBSE schools and students starting from the school ERP to whole new and innovative Smart Learn Classes, Test Centres and specialised Home work help. The education provided at Extramarks covers all the important aspects of the CBSE board, their educational module has been developed by some of the leading teachers and professionals who have a efficient knowledge and brief experience of CBSE board. At Extramarks students are given in-depth knowledge of the CBSE board and its curriculum, the education provided matches the exam pattern that the student is going to appear for.

Extramarks online education school modules or the enhanced lesson modules for CBSE board have been designed with the key motive to make education an interactive and enriching experience.  The content is aligned as per the school curriculum of the CBSE Board. Extramarks covers all the relevant subjects that include English Grammar, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Business Studies, EVS, Social Sciences, Economics and Accountancy. These CBSE modules are designed with the basic aim of accelerating the academic performance of the students through innovative and progressive knowledge input methods.

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