Thursday, 5 February 2015

Extramarks Innovative Platform for CBSE Board

Extramarks is one of the leading platforms for online education; Extramarks provides a comprehensive learning module for K-12 education. Extramarks have developed and designed an efficient learning module for CBSE board.

Extramarks also provide end to end solutions for CBSE schools and students starting from the school ERP to whole new and innovative Smart Learn Classes, Test Centres and specialised Home work help. The education provided at Extramarks covers all the important aspects of the CBSE board, their educational module has been developed by some of the leading teachers and professionals who have a efficient knowledge and brief experience of CBSE board. At Extramarks students are given in-depth knowledge of the CBSE board and its curriculum, the education provided matches the exam pattern that the student is going to appear for.

Extramarks online education school modules or the enhanced lesson modules for CBSE board have been designed with the key motive to make education an interactive and enriching experience.  The content is aligned as per the school curriculum of the CBSE Board. Extramarks covers all the relevant subjects that include English Grammar, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Business Studies, EVS, Social Sciences, Economics and Accountancy. These CBSE modules are designed with the basic aim of accelerating the academic performance of the students through innovative and progressive knowledge input methods.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Online SAT Courses from Extramarks

Every student dream is to study in the top most colleges of USA, but to fulfill this dream requires completion of some important entrance exams. Scholastic Aptitude Test which is also known as the SAT is one of the most common standardized tests that a student has to undertake to study in USA.

SAT is a comprehensive exam module which has been developed to evaluate the educational strength of students who want to study in USA and seeking admissions in some of the top most college. SAT combines scores from math, writing sections and critical reading for a composite score from 600 to a perfect 2400.

Extramarks provides efficient SAT education options for students who want to study in USA. These options range from SAT e-classroom education platform to detailed video classes. This innovative platform provides you with an enhanced opportunity to prepare from your very own home according to your preferred time for studies. 

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Online Education Courses by Extramarks

Extramarks is a leading new age digital education solutions provider, that liberates the students from the hectic and rigid schedules, classes that move too slow or too fast, class bullying, and other major factors that stand in the way of students success. 

Extramarks provides a wide platform of comprehensive Online Education Courses; these courses are based on an education platform which has been specially developed by leading and experienced educationists. These Online Education Courses cover all the important aspects of the leading boards of education. At Extramarks students have the opportunity to study as per their own schedule, they can study at a time that suits them the most, and the study material provided to students is brief and efficient.

Online Education Courses by Extramarks have specially adopted a three step educational approach to meet the learning requirement of their entire student. These steps are to Learn, Practice and then appear for Test. Online Education Courses use the same efficient learning modules which some of the leading schools use to impart education in their class rooms. It also provides ample opportunities to students to practice and test their knowledge through a specially developed and designed test center.

Extramarks has set bench marks for the institutions that are actively involved in Online Education Courses; with its efficient working modules Extramarks is leading the education industry.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Extramarks- Your Child’s Best Friend

In the 21st century there is an enhanced focus on education these days. Education has become extremely important aspect of one’s life and one need to really pay attention on giving literacy to everyone. Education is the birth right of every individual. These days there are a lot of internet portals who promise you of providing with excellent solutions for your children. You should not get duped by them. E-learning is actually one excellent learning platform which keeps you in sync with the latest in the market and helps you with the studies and provides you with great learning experience. is one such e-learning portal which provides you with digital education solutions. We have an expertise in providing you with excellent model test papers. These are available in various different subjects for various classes. That is why is one such place which people trust completely for their children. People are actually confident of our portal and trust us for providing their children with the best possible e-learning solutions. We are confident when it comes to dealing with both CBSE and ICSE boards. Our model test papers are available for all classes’ right from nursery to XII. Extramarks is one such portal which is ideal for schools as well as students for home work help, ERP and much more. That is why it is essential that you be in sync with the current times and the requirements which a child has. Extramarks helps us to grow with our current times and helps us in being in sync with the current trends.

Learn More With Extramarks

Education is something which gives a man his character. A nation progresses because if it has a literate workforce. Literacy is the backbone of any country. It makes a man worth living in the society. Education is a right which everyone must get as it makes a person rational. These days education field has become extremely competitive. Children really need to focus on their strengths and weaknesses in order to get a class apart. The competition is quite stiff and one needs to work really hard to ensure that they remain in this strong competition. is one such portal which helps you to get additional information on the subjects you feel like. It is an excellent way to assist your kids in having an extra edge n their routine studies. Having an excellent flare in all your subjects is important because it helps you to gain an insight into your subjects. It’s important because it helps you to gain extra marks in your exams as it gives you a different perspective all together. We have a large variety of sample papers which give you a good idea of where you really stand. Our Maths sample papers are absolutely important for any and every kid. It helps your child to enhance his ability in maths which is actually a very important subject in one’s life and it continues for a relatively longer period of time. Extramarks gives you an edge into your studies and helps you to do much better in your studies.